Carmel Valley Nanny Babysitting Child

In San Diego, the minimum hourly rate for a nanny is $15.00 per hour. Hourly rates may vary depending on (a) number of children, (b) location and (c) commuting time. As an employer, you pay the Nanny directly.

Safe and Sound Nannies charges a one-time referral fee equal to one month of the nanny's wages. We require a 30 hour per week minimum.  This fee is payable by credit card and can be divided into four monthly payments. We charge a $250 retainer to initiate a search, which is deducted from the final placement fee.

If your full time nanny were to leave prior to one year (or part time nanny prior to 6 months) for any reason (except if she was not provided with the hours or pay you agreed to or if she was subjected to an ureasonable or illegal work environment) we would replace her at no additional charge (please read our fee agreement for specific details concerning costs and nanny replacement).

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